My commitment to you …

I get you
I’ve got you

These were not sentiments I heard growing up and certainly not in my professional life as a rabbi. I had the approach and air of: “I’ve got this.” (Admittedly, I started to write “this” with an “!” and quickly and sadly realized that at that time in my life I never used exclamation marks. I was calm, cool, and collected. I had no exclamation marks in my life!)

Going solo and living without exclamation marks worked well for me. I was the good child who played by the rules and excellent student who could always be counted upon. I was the rabbi who could handle any situation and quickly pivot from officiating a funeral to playing guitar with preschool students.

It all worked.

Until it didn’t.

Until I realized my inside self was not seen by the outside world. Until I realized I had allowed myself to be boxed in, living someone else’s expectations and purpose. Until I realized I could not do it alone.

My exit from this solitary life was not graceful.

And, it was the best learning tool I ever created for myself.

I discovered what it means to be human. I deepened my compassion and empathy. I developed profound connections. And, I created a life of integrity, beauty, and blessings.

Wherever you are on your journey, my commitment to you as your coach is …

I get you
I’ve got you

The More Formal Stuff:

I coach individuals and design organizations.

With 20 years of experience as a rabbi, I have had intimate access to people’s lives as they achieved their highest purposes and plummeted to their lowest depths. I have a deeply sourced ability to meet and embrace people where they are in life and to accept them in all of their humanness.

In addition to my undergraduate degree in political economy and my rabbinical ordination, I have extensive formal training and experience in organizational change, mediation, leadership development, human dynamics, and men’s work. My greatest learning, though, comes from accompanying others on their journeys and creating the highs and lows of my own life.

I am currently co-writing a book for the corporate world providing a platform for exercising character traits in individuals in order to bring a healthier environment to the workplace. Early iterations of this project are currently being tested in tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.