Empowered Leadership Training

Program details:

Empowered Leadership Training is a six-month journey that begins and ends with three-hour in-person workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Biweekly sessions are conducted via Zoom video conferencing.

Each member of the cohort will receive two private coaching sessions with Ted.

The current cohort started in October. Please contact  Ted for dates of the next cohort.


Why you?
You know you have the hard technical skills needed to run an organization but you do not feel sufficiently sourced with the soft skills needed to feel successful and fulfilled. You are sensing that learning new interpersonal or intrapersonal skills could make your job much more meaningful and enjoyable. You are looking for a cohort of good people in similar positions who can relate to what you are doing in the world. You might be feeling one or all of the following: Overwhelmed, lonely, burned out, out of balance, out of your league, behind, lost, distracted, unhealthy.  AND…you are ready to soar!

Why include both leaders of for-profit and nonprofit organizations?
More and more leaders are transitioning between the worlds of for-profit, not-for-profit, and social enterprise. We have much we can learn from each other and, though our bottom lines are different, our leadership challenges are often very similar.

Why so many sessions scheduled so closely together?
This program is designed for our heads, hearts, and bodies. Consistency and intensity are excellent ways to develop leadership muscle memory.

Why group work?
Learning in a group setting with peers provides an unparalleled opportunity for creativity, growth, community and support.

Why private coaching?
One-on-one coaching enables us to dig deeper than possible in a group setting.

Why video?
Video conferencing provides us an easy and accessible way to participate (your schedule is tight and the last thing you probably want to do is trek across San Francisco twice a month) and a way to visually connect and replay recorded sessions. Zoom is also an excellent platform for 2 to over 20 participants to feel seen and heard. (EMT is limited to 12 participants.) Zoom can be used without a special software program on a pc or Mac and through a free app for smartphones.

Why today?
The great sage Hillel said over two thousand years ago: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And, if I am for myself alone, then what am I? And, if not now, when?


About the leader of the Empowered Leadership Training:

Ted Riter has over 25 years of experience in organizational leadership and in being in service to others. Ted has led small and large congregations and non-profits through organizational redesigns, staff transitions, and strategic plans. He has expertise in development and creating cultures of giving. Ted is a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated student of human potential. He has a private practice coaching individuals, designing organizations, and advising philanthropies. And, because of the challenges and opportunities he faced in his own career in leadership, he is most interested in the health and well-being of today’s leaders.

In addition to earning his undergraduate degree in political economy and his rabbinical ordination, Ted holds an MA and additional certifications in coaching, mediation, and nonprofit management (the latter from Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation).

Ted’s unique gift is his ability to blend modern thinking with ancient wisdom, to meet people where they are in life without judgment, to light a path for others to see their own greatness, and to hold others accountable with compassion. Ted’s motto for working with clients is “I get you…and I’ve got you.”

Ted is currently co-writing a book for the corporate world, providing a platform for exercising character traits in individuals in order to bring a healthier environment to the workplace. Early iterations of this project are currently being tested in tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be used in this course: Empowered Leadership Training.


What others are saying about Ted:

Ted Riter “…provided tremendous guidance and deft leadership during a critical time of transition…instilled deeper self-confidence and optimism in our community…built a remarkable and interdependent staff team…brought great joy, energy and relevance…showed us what a true mensch can do in our community and the world…”  — Board of Directors, Sha’ar Zahav, San Francisco

“Ted quickly earned our trust… in a short amount of time, it was clear…he just “got” us.… Ted did not let us shy away from being honest with ourselves and each other. Using kindness and compassion, he was comfortable asking challenging questions and sincere in guiding us toward honest answers.…His intentional style of leadership helped us re-identify our core missions and work towards accomplishing realistic goals to make our community more effective….During this time when we were searching for a new beginning, Ted’s steady guidance helped us better appreciate our community, realize the joy in the present, and be optimistic about the future.  – Susan Fijman, First Vice President, Beth Israel Congregation, Jackson, Mississippi


More details:

Empowered Leadership Training is an application-based program with a 12 person maximum.
This program is not for everyone. It is only for those committed to playing full out and empowering their leadership. The fee is $1800 – $3000, depending upon the size of your organization.


For a no-pressure conversation about the Empowered Leadership Training or to request an application, contact Ted.